Is Ben Thanh Night Market safe?

Despite the efforts to develop tourism of the government and the people of Ho Chi Minh City, the ripping & mugging tourists off at Ben Thanh night market still happened. Only when I went through here with the group of friends I did see through the ugly face of this place.

Is Ben Thanh Night Market safe?

Lured by smoky colorful steamed sticky rice, a Sri Lankan friend expressed interest, asked me: "Can we try all?". The conversation is only that, but the old woman has a face with bold eyebrows, eyelids, old lips, quickly took all kinds of steamed sticky rice (a little for each one) into a small box.


Less than 30 seconds later, the old woman handed the steamed sticky rice box to the guest and said neatly: "50,000 VND". Surprisingly, my friend waved his hand: "No, I didn't buy a box of steamed sticky rice for 50,000 VND." The woman carelessly said: "Take it. 50,000 VND". Accompanying is the "I will eat you alive" looking to him.


Not wanting to cause trouble, my friend tried to negotiate: "I only have 30,000 VND. OK?" The woman held 30,000 VND but kept the steamed sticky rice box on her hand. "No, 50,000 VND". My friend was annoyed: "I don't want to take it." She shouted: "It was mixed with coconut water, who would eat it? You have to take it", then she put away the steamed sticky rice box in front of the guest and threw it at the table, her mouth flushed out all sorts of obscene words. Reaching for the steamed sticky rice box, my friend angrily threw it straight into the trash and exclaimed: "Vietnam! God, Vietnam!"

Is Ben Thanh Night Market safe?

On the second night, after walking around the market with a more cautious attitude, we chose a restaurant in Ben Thanh night market to enjoy the cuisine. As soon as he sat down on a chair, a man selling hammock stuck a hammock to Lahiru's neck (my friend, a Sri Lankan, who lived in Australia) and motioned: "Buy it, it's cheap" Afraid of trouble, my friend shook his hand and his head. After a moment of pleading, the man regained his belongings and went away. However, just after a few steps, he turned back, pointing his finger at Lahiru and cursing.


While my friend was bewildered, wondering what was going on, the man selling hammock went away. Then it didn't seem enough, he turned around, pointed at my friend's face again and continued to curse, then walked away. Angry, my friend stood up but his friends kept his hand.


Bully trading


The shops selling souvenirs in the night market are also full of obsessions. Goods are listed up to 10 times the original price, no matter how good the tourists are, they still get cheated. However, the scariest thing is still the attitude of the seller. When I tried to pay the price of VND 60,000 for the key chain souvenir, which was priced for VND 180,000, the saleswoman said, "I don't talk to you. Go away!".


Meanwhile, the female employee spoke to other foreign tourists standing around: "Hotel bum bum?". The saying was repeated to any foreign visitor who passed her. It seems this is something not new to the natives and foreigners here. Because while walking at Ben Thanh night market, they often heard public greetings: "Massage bum bum?" (I guess that you know the "bum bum" means)

Is Ben Thanh Night Market safe?

Ho Chi Minh City is trying to change to become a tourist attraction. A series of projects are being deployed by tourism companies and Ben Thanh night market is one of the interesting tourist destinations for tourists visiting the city. However, only when experienced through reality people did feel all the mess, ugly, unacceptable things that still exist here, the reason why many visitors "never come back".

Is Ben Thanh Night Market safe?

In order for HCMC to become a destination for domestic and foreign visitors, the city must change a lot, from policies to attract investment to tourism, development strategies to tourism products and service provision, especially human factors. This requires strict propaganda, education, supervision and punishment by authorities.

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